Thursday, March 29, 2007


In Lyon this weekend? Come along to the QUAIS DU POLAR festival, why don't you. It's a festival of polar bears, and... Oh no, let me just look that word up. Ah, it's a festival of crime fiction, and there won't be any polar bears there at all. Mind you, if someone were to write a mystery about a murdered polar bear, who knows?

Anyway, I will be doing an event with my editor Aurélien Masson at 11am on Sunday. You get to find out about LES ALLONGÉS, and I'm even going to speak some French. See you there.

Thinking about it, you could also have the polar bear as the murderer. Shit, why stop there? Let's have a polar bear serial killer who knocks off other polar bears, and he's being chased down by a polar bear detective, who interviews lots of other polar bears. This could be a really ground-breaking work!

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

A bit of a pain in my gulliver

Today's migraine is dedicated to Anthony Burgess.