Monday, April 23, 2012

"I did not like the plot or the wording"

Whoops, looks like I spoke too soon on the good news around the corner thing. But only a bit too soon. The good news is still on cards, just ain't set in concrete yet. When the concrete has set, and I have chucked him in the river, I'll tell you all about it. And yes, it involves Royston Blake.

On that subject, a reader called Dennis has posted this wonderful review of Deadfolk on Amazon. I reproduce it here in its entirety:

"This is one novel that I wish I had not purchased. I did not even bother to finish it! I did not like the plot or the wording" 
Soz about that wording, Dennis. But hey, thanks for the custom. Meanwhile, @chrislirvin has a different take at his HouseLeague Fiction blog
"You get to know Blake’s routine (food, bar, alcohol, women, doorman, walking, driving the Capri,etc) as he wanders from one mess to the next in such haphazard fashion that I had no idea where the story was heading – other than a bad place. Blake’s rough and mundane life is slow but rife with excellent bits of character. And just when the ‘everyday’ parts suck you in, Williams’ minimalist violence sparks and jabs you in the side with a shot of adrenaline. It is executed very well and kept me turning the pages." 
Nice one Chris! And Dennis too, because I don't bear grudges. Hope you like concrete.

More soon. Hopefully...

Monday, April 09, 2012

I swear the moon turned a fire red

Hey all. This place is going through one of its periodic quiet patches. Things are pretty busy in the Williams compound right now and missives will be sparse for a while (what's new?) but you should check back here in a few days - I may well have an important announcement to make. You want to know what kind of important announcement it will be? OK, here's a clue: Royston Blake.

Mysterious, eh? I wonder what it could mean?

Come back here in a week or so to find out.