Thursday, September 07, 2006

Not seen TBL?

For the very few people in the world who have not seen THE BIG LEBOWSKI, here is the short version (go on, press play - it's only two minutes):

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Ayup Flower

Rest in peace Charlie Williams, former footballer, comedian, and quiz show host who died last night aged 78. As far as I know he got a lot of stick for sending up his colour in his comedy routines, but at least he managed to break down the barriers and get himself up there (footy pitch, stage, and screen). No mean achievement for a black man in England at the time.

People (especially older people) have often said "Ayup flower" to me when they heard my name. At first I thought they were just demented, but then I found out about my famous namesake and his catchphrase. The guy had quite a life!

Stepping up to the plate

I normally keep sports out of this blog but, shit, the world needs to recognise Clinton Woods, who defended his IBF World Light-Heavyweight title against Glen Johnson tonight.

I have to say that Woods is just not a talented fighter, IMHO. Roy Jones is pure talent. Joe Calzaghe, Floyd Mayweather Jr. But there's another way to win, and Clinton, at 34, finally fucking KNOWS it. People talk about boxers being tough. Tonight, Clinton demonstrated what tough was. It's not glamourous. It's about getting beat the first time you meet a guy, getting the shit kicked out of you the second time, and looking like going the same way on time #3. Round 9, it was rubber legs and game over. Surely?

But no - final three rounds, that's what tough is. Jesus, talk about facing demons.

The Yorkshire lad has got HEART.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Hardback at last!

Check out this little Italian stallion:

This is MORTACCI, the Italian edition of DEADFOLK which will be out over there on September 12th (or so I'm told) from Baldini Castoldi Dalai. Believe me - it is a thing of beauty. And it's in hardback! I love the Mustang on the front (which, as the whole world knows, is the American version of the Ford Capri). I just wish I knew what it all means. Or some of it. Or even just the title. Hang on, I'll go look that up... Erm, it says it means "Mortacci". That don't really help. Mind you, if you plugged "Deadfolk" into an English to Italian dictionary you'd probably get "Deadfolk".

Anyway, it's fucking great!

Oh, and Italian readers: welcome to Mangel.

PS: Credit to Massimo Bocchiola for translating the thing.