Saturday, June 25, 2011

You could wait for a lifetime... spend your days in the sun-shee-yine.

Oh, hi there. Say, did you know that I am guest blogging today over at David Belbin's blog, talking about Booze and Burn / Fags and Lager, the second installment in the ongoing story of Royston Blake? You can also hear "Cigarettes and Alcohol" there, a song which I chose for the occasion. Is that a leftfield choice or what? Many thanks to David.

Erm, did I mention that Booze and Burn is going cheap on Kindle? £1.99/$2.99. Oh, I did, didn't I? I guess I've done it again.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Blakey on Tour - aside #4

I am still cracking on with this, just holding it back a bit as we get into the nitty gritty territory. Thanks for reading this far, those who have. There will be more soon. Come rain, high water or shit storm, Blakey's Tour will continue

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Booze after reading

Today sees the publication of BOOZE AND BURN, AmazonEncore's re-issue of Fags and Lager. This is the book about which one broadsheet critic sniffed "personally I think these books should be issued with embarrassing orange jackets and made to do menial community service in penance for their yobbery", before donning his tweed jacket and heading down to the MCC.

Meanwhile Metro said "Blake is the perfect antihero, engaging as well as terrifying, his delusions of hard-man grandeur fuelling fierce black comedy. Delivered in Blake's rich vernacular, Fags and Lager is yokel Tarantino".

I kind of prefer that one, but the straw-chewing image of Tarantino is troubling.

You can get Booze and Burn CHEAP on Kindle: £1.99/$2.99. Give it a go. It's all about Royston Blake.

Left Lion Interview

Interview with me on Left Lion, Nottingham's culture and listings mag. We talk about Graven Image and other stuff. Thanks Robin Lewis.

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Cheapo Deadfolk and stuff

Do you have a Kindle or other e-reading device? DEADFOLK is now available on for the mad price of 99p. (You can also get it for 99c on Please download it if you are of half a mind to. Would be great to see Royston Blake riding high in the charts.

For anyone following Blakey On Tour, it will be back shortly. I have had a ton of stuff on of late, but Blake's troubles have been nagging at me all the while. We're gonna see this baby through to the end... whatever that end may be.

Finally, in a sort of last round-up of the USA stuff, I stayed on for an extra day after the Amazon extravaganza and BookExpo and managed to crash the Mulholland Books party down the road. Great to clink glasses with some of the peeps there, including Duane Swierczy and Jason Starr (pic). What a week it was. I will be forever grateful to the Amazon crew for shipping me over there. Some top people working there and they know how to make a splash.