Saturday, December 24, 2005

Chestnuts Roasting

I've been neglecting this blog of late. Shame on me. This is because I've been up to my chestnuts in things to do, mainly involving the thing I do best (er, writing novels, in case you're in any doubt. At least I hope so). However, I promise to pick it up here in the New Year. Hope to see you here.

Personally I can't wait for 2006. 2005 was (is) great, but I can't wait for Feb 7th, which will see the completion of the Mangel Trilogy in print. Also maybe some more foreign publications coming, which is just an amazing thing.

I would do a "best of 2005" list but, as usual, I can't gather my strength enough to do it. Maybe some time in Jan.

Meanwhile I'm off later today to see Jack and the Beanstalk, starring Britt Ekland. This is of course for the kids, but I'll bring along my Wicker Man DVD just in case I can corner her for an autograph. Or I might get one of the kids to do it.

Have a happy one,



Anonymous said...

Oh my!! Charlie. I am sooooo green with envy right now. Possibly getting your "Wicker Man" signed by Britt E.

Sign me,
J.E. Alous

Jenny D said...

Yeah, get that Wicker autograph thing going.

Charlie, I was thinking of you while I was in Philadelphia over Xmas b/c one of my brothers is about to start work as a crew member for .... (you guessed it)


BTW I can't wait for the last Mangel installment.

Charlie Williams said...

Anonymous - she was great. Best fairy queen I've ever seen. And the chihuahua... pure class. I couldn't get her to sign Wicker Man though. I hate asking for autographs anyway.

Jenny - you're kidding. You're not kidding? Your brother is going to be part of history, man. Will he get a credit? This is incredible. Are you going to hang out on set?

Jenny D said...

I'm not kidding, and I'm not planning on hanging out on set, but I will definitely be sure to get at least one funny story for you. They are only doing a bit of shooting in Philadelphia, the rest will be filmed on soundstages elsewhere...

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Steve Kane said...

Charlie, you seem to have forgotten that you have given up blogging. Remember, you told us all that you were going to stop.

In that regard, you are doing a lousy job.

Charlie Williams said...

Semi-retirement, Steve.