Thursday, May 11, 2006

Royston Blake, a lone crusader in a dangerous world

People have sometimes asked me who would best play the role of maniac doorman Royston Blake, should any of the "Mangel Trilogy" ever make it to the silver (or small) screen. For me, that is a silly question. It's obvious. There is only one actor capable of this role, and any casual reader of the books would know that. David Hasselhoff.

However, it seems that the Hoff will be tied up for a while with more important things. But that's OK. Mangel will wait. Blake will be the role of Hoff's life, and it's not going anywhere.

Hoff is a work of art, by the way. He exists on a plane of his own, independent of any earthly projects he may have touched, such as Knight Rider, Baywatch, or The Love Boat, or Fags and Lager. Hoff is a work of art. Hoff IS art. Art transcends space and time and reaches an ethereal dimension wherein dreams are born and truths are known. This is Hoff. Hail Hoff.