Friday, December 08, 2006

fuck sake

Been looking at They have this "books on related topics" feature which seems to scan the text of a book and work out, using clever jiggery pokery based on shared phrases, what other books you might like.

Take my second novel, FAGS AND LAGER. Amazon offers up PORNO by Irvine Welsh and SLIDER by Patrick Robinson, as well as DEADFOLK by Charlie Williams. The "related topics" my book shares with PORNO are "fuck sake", "fuckin pint", "other cunt" and "big cunt". Smart, eh? For SLIDER it's "head doorman", "fuck sake" and "fucking hell". The shared topics with DEADFOLK are too numerous to list, but you can take it from me that "fuck sake" in there.

So, if you know someone who is a fan of "fuck sake", or just curious about "fuck sake", I can recommend those four books as a nice Christmas present for that person. Probably not a good idea to buy them any Japanese liquor. (Or maybe it is? Maybe a bottle of sake with a suitably sized orifice opening would be just thing?)

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