Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Say, friend, you got any more of that good sarsaparilla?

As some of you may have noticed, this is hardly a great era in the history of Charlie Williams Blogging. You could argue that the Capri pictures are great works of art that need to be shared with the world (and personally I hold to that view), but you could also argue that they are shit.

Argumentative little bastard, ain't you?

Anyways, the truth is that I just can't be arsed. You know what I mean? Sometimes you can, sometimes you can't. Be arsed, that is. Sometimes you eat the bar, and sometimes the arse beats you. So, in an effort to break out of this blue-arsed funk, I thought I'd write about it. Here, for your reading pleasure.

News. That always helps, if you want to blog and keep blogging. Well, there is no news. A few things in the oven, but no cakes ready to throw at you just yet. Soon, perhaps. (Come on, you heel-dragging cunts!)

Reviews and stuff are also good and bloggable. And I have seen some top films and read some class books recently. But it's that arse-funk again. The blue one. It's stopping me from sharing my entusiasm.

Another thing people seem to use blogs for is airing their opinions on news and current affairs. Believe me, my opinions are best kept hidden. Ideally some of them should be wrestled to the ground and put in an airtight titanium capsule, then blasted off into the far-reaches of the solar system. Not because they're bad, bad opinions, but because they change so much. They slither and squirm and morph, like something from Trap Door. I'd write something heartfelt and convincing, then read it the next day and think: "But what about the other side?" Ah, that old duality thing.

Nah, fiction's me game, making up stories and shit. Some people have strong opinions, others have strong novels.


Hard Man said...

I know where you're coming from. I've always envied people who have a single, unshakeable opinion. I usually have half a dozen, or none at all. Which is why I contradict myself so much in interviews. No, I don't.

Charlie Williams said...

Yes you do, HM. I think you do anyway. Hmm... maybe you don't? Actually you definitely don't. I think.