Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Of course, the lack of recents posts here is purely so I can come across all mysterious. "I wonder what he's up to?" they'll be thinking. "Maybe he's writing the Great American Novel? Although he isn't American, so that can't be right. Saying that, what if his novel was set in America? Would that be a Great American Novel? Assuming it was great, of course."

But that person isn't very clever, so it doesn't matter what they think. A cleverer person might be thinking: "Hmm... the real gamble is not whether Gordon Brown should go for a snap general election now, but whether he should risk leaving it until next year."

Somewhere between those two, someone is possibly thinking: "I wonder if Charlie is writing something different? Like a screenplay or something? Or maybe a romance. A historical romance. The Great American Historical Romance... written by a Brit but set in Salt Lake City. Or maybe he's getting into poetry? I hear there's good money to be made in poetry these days. Or songwriting. What if he's writing a few lyrics for James Blunt?"

Meanwhile... alpaca bouncers.


Ray said...

Oh, I hope you're writing lyrics for James Blunt. I really do.

Charlie Williams said...

Ray, it might actually be true. I might have already written all the songs for a new album - to be entitled "To Put it Bluntly". The front cover will have a shot of James sitting by a fireside, wearing a Pringle sweater and smiling whimsically. Some selected tracks:

"I am the pomegranite, you are the baseball bat"
"Tell it to the omelettes"
"All alone up a tree"
"That man is a bastard"
"I Cannot Shit"