Tuesday, July 22, 2008

ARK and Palm Springs

Hello. ARK has been accepted for inclusion in the 2008 Palm Springs International Shortfest, August 21-27. We're not talking Bognor Regis here. We're not talking Scunthorpe, Stranraer or Batley. We are talking Palm Springs. Never has a place name conjured up such images of living la dolce vita. Palm trees, er... springs... it's all there.

As I was saying, ARK has been accepted at the 2008 Palm Springs International Shortfest, August 21-27. This means that YOU will get to watch it if you find yourself in that palmy, springy place. Just to whet your appetite (and to get those filthy images of palms and springs out of your head), here are some pics:

That's ARK, ladies and gents, starring Simone Lahbib and Raffaello Degruttola, directed by Mal Woolford, produced by Andrea Thornton and written by George Lucas. Just kidding.


Ray said...

Thank God it wasn't written by George Lucas, otherwise we'd have all manner of clunky dialogue.

Nice one, Williams.

Charlie Williams said...

Banksy, believe it or not ARK has no dialogue whatsoever. So Lucas would have been fine!

And what's happened to that website of yours, youngun?

Tanya Roessler said...

It's in Palm Springs? We'll be there for sure!

Charlie Williams said...

Tanya, thanks a mil. If you (or anyone else) see the film let me know what you think. But I should warn you that it's only just under four minutes long! Lots of other short films at the fest though.

Tanya Roessler said...

No problem! We can handle all 4 minutes
of it and will let you know what we think !

S.P.I.D.E.R.S Team - A Web of Knowledge said...

Would love to see it, any chance it will be posted on YouTube? Big fan of Simone Lahbib! Congrats!