Thursday, November 13, 2008

Just a few mumbled words from me

Noticed a nice little review of my short story YOUR PLACE IS IN THE SHADOWS in the SF Crowsnest: "[the story) fizzes with the rustle of knock off Burberry caps and a life lived stealing and waiting for the next giro." But it's not all good: "It felt like it had some element missing..." That would be the lesbian rottweilers. (I had to cut the out to make the word limit.)

Congrats to Joe Calzaghe on beating up and making fun of Roy Jones Junior. Like a lot of Americans, I felt sad seeing a former great pushed around in such a way, and I didn't really enjoy it. But come on, Joe is incredible. Europe knows it and American pros know it, but still the US public refuses to admit it. Would it help if he was American?

Novel news: expect a new one from me to come out in August of 2009. That's a long time to wait, and a massive 3.5 years since my last one. But it means I'm back. I'm not dead, despite coroners' reports. Dracula has risen from the grave! I can't tell you the title yet because it is so ingenious that it will be immediately stolen and sold on Ebay, but here are the initials: S t H.


Rivs said...

S t H....I'm thinking 'Shag the Heckler' - Is it about a stand up comedian addicted to sex and all the problems that brings him...particularly when his Radio 2 show is taken off air following some inappropriate comments about an ageing actors sluttish grand-daughter?

Or am I way off....

Charlie Williams said...

Are you talking about Tony Blackburn?