Thursday, February 12, 2009


Check out the cover of LE ROI DU MACADAM, published in France today by Serie Noire/Gallimard. (Anglophones, this is KING OF THE ROAD... not some other book I wrote called "King of the Tarmac".) Love the cover. I do like a bit of suburban detritus in the morning.

Big thanks to Thierry Marignac for translating, and Gallimard for publishing.


Thierry Marignac said...

It was titled "Le roi du Macadam" by your brilliant editor Aurélien Masson, because it is the title of a Maurice Chevalier song of the 30's, describing a Pigalle pimp, and everyone here knows that song. I figured you would enjoy my explanations.
Yours truly

Charlie Williams said...

I sure do, Thierry. It's the perfect interpretation because, obviously, the English title conjures up a song too. Might have to hear that Maurice Chevalier song.

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