Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The only thing real is waking and rubbing your eyes

Not been here for a while. It always goes the same way when I have a book out: intense burst of activity as you take the book by the hand and lead it out into the world. But Stairway to Hell can stand on its own two feet now, even though it has no actual feet. The book must walk out there and make its way in the world. If it gets run over, falls foul to drugs or becomes a member of Coldplay, well, at least I tried.

But it's doing OK so far, if reports are to be believed. Rob Chilver in Adventures with Words had this to say:

Williams’ prose is punchy, filthy and funny, littered with musical references and sideswipes at the state of the music industry today. The plot takes on a variety of twists and turns with some truly laugh out loud moments. While, the premise may sound bizarre, and it is, Williams creates a world and its character where by the end of the novel, bodyswapping and exploding record shops seem to be the norm. For those looking for a witty, entertaining and original read, this is a must.

You know, that makes me want to go right out and buy eight copies of the book. And I wrote it! Then there's Andrew Collins in The Word:
Charlie Williams' committedly silly novel about the eternal Faustian pact of pop stardom is difficult to dislike. A vivid turn of phrase ("chewing air" after puking up), witty touches (the pretense of teen idol Zak Bremner summed up in album titles Zakology and Bremnology) and fag machine philosophy (if you have an All Day Breakfast at breakfast time does it just become Breakfast?) sugar the pill of the ludicrous, scatological plot.

Ah, yes, the old pill sugar. I've never met a plot that couldn't be helped along with a shake of the sugar jar. Especially scatalogical ones. But "ludicrous"? "Commitedly silly"? Couldn't we just say "absurd"? Beckett was absurd. Ionesco and Genet were absurd. I don't mind rolling with those guys, even if I missed that scene by half a century. But I never heard of no "Theatre of the Ludicrous". Mind you, "committedly silly"... that sounds like you're so silly that you've been committed to a mental institution. That's no small accomplishment, I feel.

Of course, I josh. My book is lucky to even get noticed by Messrs Collins and Chilver, and I hope it said thank you and bowed politely (right before they chucked it in the Worcester County Pauper and Lunatic Asylum).

(For a taster of other Stairway to Hell reviews, check it out here.)


Paul D. Brazill said...

Ah, The Fall quote does the trick. Stairway's in my pile of books to read. Looking foward to it.

Charlie Williams said...

Kudos to you for spotting that one Paul

Karin M said...

I'll pay more attention to original, bizarre, entertaining, funny, etc., than to the disgusting image of sugar-coated scat pill. Yuk.

BTW, do you think the prospective "sheltered accommodation" will be for paupers or lunatics this time round?

Sonar Finch said...

Isn't this novel about Led Zeppelin? Help us here in America, we're thick as a brick.

Charlie Williams said...

Sonar - back in the dark days, LZ and Bowie were on the same page. They were all dipping into black magic, and some overlap occurred between Jimmy Page and Bowie. Basically Bowie thought Page was trying to do him harm via his urine. I worked out that it was true, and that he succeeded. Hence this true account - Stairway to Hell.

Karin - it sounds like I'm trying to force scatology down people's throats. Believe me, it's just urine. And, erm, a bit of faeces. But it's all in the best possible taste, and no actual sugar anywhere. And I think the digs are for pauper-lunatics. Plenty of those around here.

Tanya Roessler said...

Hello Mr. Williams,
I just finished the book!
It is just awesome!

Charlie Williams said...

Tanya, so glad. Thanks a mill for telling me that!

Anonymous said...

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