Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Typecast #14: Legend of the Olivetti


david said...

Excellent post. I used to know a Diamond Dagger winning Crime writer, back when he wrote 13 50,000 word novels a year (ie one every 4 weeks, slow by Simenon standards), which is rather greater than Adam Blade's output. Those books are pretty short, right?

When I was in my 30's, there were at least a couple of years where I wrote 200,000 published words (Young Adult Fiction, all of which went through five drafts) and held down a three day a week job.

So get to it, Charlie, you're slacking!

Charlie Williams said...

Would that be a US writer, this prolific Dagger winner? I guess the Beast Quests are hardly anything, if you figure in the font size and spacing. Makes the kids feel they're OK to tackle longer books.

That 200k per annum stuff is impressive, David. You are a modern day pulpmeister.

Karin M said...

Duncan's pretty swift!