Thursday, February 17, 2011

Graven Freebies

Do you want a chance of winning a copy of my forthcoming novella GRAVEN IMAGE? I am giving away five next week. All you have to do to be in with a shout is "like" my fan page on Facebook. Not on Facebook? Fret not - there are other great ways to be in with a shout. You could join my mailing list. Or do an Amazon (UK or US) review of any of my books and then email me. In fact, I'll give you THREE TIMES the weighting if you do that because I could do with some more Amazon reviews. Does that sound fair? Sure it does.


Jenny Davidson said...

I want one!!! But apropos of your earlier Facebook post, yes, do you want to do a guest post for Light Reading?

Alan Griffiths said...

Like Tony Black says, "I don't do Face-Ache!!"

But I'd love a copy and have just joined your email list - no dirty emails please, Charlie...

I shall also put Deadfolk back on my to-be-read-again pile and will then do you an amazon review (but you will have to trust me on that), I shall also post said review on my blog (so my only reader, my dear old mum, can see it).

That's got to be a winner - although I bet Paul Brazill out does me!!


Charlie Williams said...

Alan, I promise - no dirty emails. It's mainly just a channel through which I sell cheap meds and Nigerian business opportunities. And cheers for the Deadfolk TBR pile comeback! In return I want to tell you How You Can Start Making $6487 a Month At HOME.‏ All I need's your bank details.

Jenny, what an honour. I'll try not to disgrace myself!