Thursday, October 20, 2011

Not everybody loves Derek Raymond*

Meant to say thanks also to all the other Amazon (UK and US) reviewers of One Dead Hen and the other titles. Books live or die by those things. Although mostly they just fester. And if they die they are liable to spring back up, zombie-like.

Thankfully this has happened to Derek Raymond's "Factory" novels, which have just been reissued by Melville House. I searched high and low for I WAS DORA SUAREZ years ago, finally tracking down a first edition to a basement flat in Friern Barnet. Now you can click a button and they just send it to you! But be warned - that one is strong stuff. Brilliant strong stuff.

* ...but I do.


Gordon Harries said...

Yeah, he read part of Dora Suarez over music on an EP by Gallon Drunk (which Cathi Unsworth provides liner notes for on my copy) took me ages to read the book after that, such was the grotesqueness of the language. Which would, knowing Raymond, have been a good part of the point.

Great book, though.

Charlie Williams said...

Always meant to have a listen to that. Wonder if it's on itunes?