Saturday, February 11, 2012

Whistlin' Dixie

Long time no blog. How ya doin'? I'm doin' gud. Why I talkin' like dis? I dunno. It's like I got sum crazy redneck kinda way o' speakin' in mah head. Maybe from reading this great review of ONE DEAD HEN on Amazon US:

"The problem I had with it is that it's written in some type of Southern dialect. To be honest, I had trouble understanding what the character was saying. I know. There are some Southerners who may talk like that. I just don't know any, and I was born and raised in the South. Even though I've traveled quite a bit, and I have a college degree from a fine Northern institution, I still have my accent. I just don't talk like that, and like I said, I don't know anyone else who does."
Dammit, and there was me thinking I wrote the great American novel.


Luca Veste said...

Haha! Excellent. I always saw Blakey as the new Huckleberry Finn.

Paul D Brazill said...


Matt smith said...

Now everyone has a right to an opinion and dont want to slam anybody for theirs, its funny to see all reviews for Consumer X though, especially when people are part of the Amazon Vine gig, as they are reviewing things that are often random to them, Im sure various agencies are using Amazon APIs to rank them...

Take this review though, look at the other reviews, then the 5* reviews, Blakey's swede would be well and truly done in

V: The Original Miniseries
The Agenda: The homosexual plan to change America (Paperback)
Your Secret Name: Discovering Who God Created You to Be (Paperback)
How To Lower Blood Sugar: Natural Remedies for Diabetes (Paperback)

Jamison said...

As you know, Charlie, I live in Texas and I think you perfectly captured our lifestyle and manner of speech.

Charlie Williams said...

Matt, Blakey's swede is already done in!

Jamison, I did my best but I don't think it's perfect. For reasons of taste I had to leave out the masks made of human skin