Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Sprechen sie Mangel?

For some reason Deadfolk for Kindle is riding quite high in the German Amazon charts. Maybe it's because it is going for less than a Euro? Maybe it's because the Euro is in trouble and they are trying to convert them all into Deadfolks? Soon Deadfolk will be declared the new Europe-wide currency. They will be talking about throwing Greece out of the Deadfolk. And the Deadfolk-vision Song Contest. Englenbert would win that.

Also some exciting Mangel news coming soon. I mean it this time. (Cough)


Anonymous said...

From the headline, i thought there would now be a German translation.

To me , the Mangel books are THE great untranslatable literary masterpieces - it would be worth learning English only for those. But anyway, there seem to be Italian, French and some other translations. So in a way, while something awful of a hypothetical German translation, I would sure like to see one around, if only, so that I could tell everybody to check the originals, instead.

Have you ever had any reactions on the quality of the translations?

Anonymous said...

that should be "...while expecting something awful..."

Charlie Williams said...

Hi anonymous. My books have been done in French, but a different translator was used for different books in the series. I was told they had v.different styles, which probably isn't good for a series (although I heard the latter was better). Never heard much about the other translations... but I've done a thing in book events a couple of times where I read a passage from Deadfolk and then the same passage translated back from Russian, Itialian etc. You can easily spot where they got a bit wrong. I think it's a different book anyway when it's translated. None of us has read Don Quixote unless we read it in Spanish.