Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Royston Blake here, letting you know that they have turned my book Deadfolk into an audiobook. Fuck knows what one of them is, but the Writer reckons it's true so I gotta tell you it. If he's spinning me a line of shite I'll twock him, I swear.

They'm also doing the other books I done, and you can see em here if you're a Yank or here if you're from Mangel. Watch out mind cos they got a photo of the Writer on them pages and he ain't half so handsome as meself. As everyone knows, I'm the fucking spit of Clint Eastwood but with the body of Ivan Drago.

 By the way, it ain't me reading the stories out. It's a feller name of James Clamp. I think he's from East Bloater.

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