Friday, August 02, 2013

I Hear Thunder

I have been neglecting this blog of late, so it's good that from now on I have an excuse to update it at least once a month. Yes, I speak of the monthly book charts. July was good, but not as good as June, which was pretty awesome by Mangel standards. (But hey, Mangel standards are pretty low. There probably isn't even a bookshop in Mangel. But there *is* a tattoo parlour.)

So, without further prattle, and with the thunder and lightning kicking off behind me, here are July's charts:

  1. Deadfolk
  2. Made of Stone
  3. Fags & Lager
  4. King of the Road
  5. One Dead Hen
  6. Stairway to Hell

So that's pretty much no change, other than #1 and #2 swapping. And the fact that I called it "Fags & Lager" instead of "Booze & Burn" this time. Obviously Fags is my preferred title, but titles are overrated anyway. Charles Willeford's THE DIFFERENCE is still the same book if you call it THE HOMBRE FROM SONORA. And a hell of a book.


Don Device said...

My copy says 'Fags' and that's the way I likes it.

Charlie Williams said...

Chester Himes' A Rage in Harlem was originally FOR LOVE OF IMABELLE