Saturday, January 30, 2016

Damn, I skipped the entire of 2015

It wasn't much of a year anyway so good riddance.

I wonder if anyone still reads this?

Perhaps you're a Mangel fan hoping to find news of a fresh Blakey adventure? Maybe a new fan, wondering what the hell kind of guy writes books like THAT? Either way, I consider myself privileged to have you here, seeing as how I've neglected things somewhat of late. So pull up your stool a while.

What's coming up on the Williams front? It's true - things have been quiet. Some writers keep hacking away relentlessly year after year without a break, keeping that muscle moving in case it stagnates and dies. Me, I'm too lazy for that. Unless there's something urgent to do on the writing front I'll sit on my arse and read the paper. For years on end if that's what it takes. But I haven't been sitting entirely on my arse.

Perched on one buttock is how I'd put it.

With the other I have completed LAND OF HOPE AND GLORY AND MONSTERS, a novella first-drafted a couple of years back and dangled in front of anyone who was looking... then snatched away and hid in a drawer. Truth was I knew something was lacking, so I've clipped it, buffed it and shot it up with testosterone. Then I sucked out the testosterone and pumped in some oestrogen. In other words, I gave the thing an edit. Expect it available for your e-reading device in a couple of weeks. (Announcement here.) I haven't even been arsed to show it to a publisher. Like I said, I'm firing on one buttock right now.

Other than that, I'm alive. I walk around and breathe air and occasionally glimpse beauty and grace amid the darkness. Other times I hear the voice of Royston Blake. I'll share with you when he gets loud enough.


Derwood Brown said...

When folks want my advice concerning their so called writer’s block I just tell them, “hey if you don’t have anything to say, rejoice in that”, crack a lager, watch Mr. Ed reruns like you’re the eyes of everyone else. In other words get to know the known common guy. We got elections coming up in this a’here USA in front of us. We need bodyguards like nobodies business. I’ve put a good word of recommendation in for Royston to protect a candidate here called Donald Thump. You might best check his mail at the Paul Pry. If that happens to be burned to the ground, I’ll tape it to the Mangel city limits sign. Writing is not a race when it’s not not busy being a marathon, so bloody knees tell us.

Charlie Williams said...

Kind of you to make those remarks, Mr Brown. It's not always easy having a sociopathic, wrong-end-of-the-stick-grabbing alter ego in your head so I'm enjoying the relative quiet. Not that he's not there - he's just not annoying me enough to sit down and be his secretary.

Don Device said...

Yeah, poor ok' Royson's got it rough, innit Charlie?

Lisa Rose said...

Blakey would chin Donald Trump. Two minutes of that nasal running, ropey voice would do his swede in. I still read here Charlie, I said au revoir to Facebook where you and I were "friends" last Summer. There is some folk I miss mind you. I now post pictures on Instagram like it's my job. If you ever lift the other arse cheek, join us on the 'gram. Nice, inspiring visuals for Royston to charge back into your ear. Bravo on the new work!

Lisa Rose

Charlie Williams said...

Hi Lisa. Good to hear from you! What made you quit FB? There are some arseholes on there for sure.

Lisa Rose said...

Hi Charlie. Unfortunately, I ran out of time to use FB, it wasn't one thing, I don't miss it all in all, I took the App ofs my phone and that was it. I'm Lisarosey on instagram if you every find time yourself!