Thursday, November 10, 2005

King Of The Website Overhauls

I've tarted up my website and made it all KING OF THE ROAD. I hope you like it. The cover image on the KING page is a bit knackered, but I can't do anything about that right now. Of course, as ever, doing anything on the site makes me question what it is for.

I'm sure other writers agree that we want a site to introduce new people to our stuff, and give something interesting to existing readers. To be honest, I don't think it does much of the former. I get quite a few new visitors every day, but you can see them clicking on "biog" and then sodding off (wrong Charlie Williams). Or they come from google and they're after a certain picture I've put up or linked to on this blog (current flavour of the month seems to be this one - beware if you're at work).

Then again, if the site is useful to ANYONE at all, it's worth having. So I guess I'll keep on with it.

(Mind you, if anyone can see any way I can make it better, or get it more widely seen, please let me know?)


Jenny D said...

I guess I think that you have to have a website, but that blogs are rapidly replacing or at least supplementing author websites in a way that makes a ton of sense. More fun, less annoying logistical stuff from the point of view of the person who's making it; and really more interesting for the reader as well. I don't have a real website yet, I will get one when my new novel (if I ever revise the stupid thing successfully) gets published but I am thinking "elegant design, low maintenance" rather than anything more interactive.

Meanwhile I have been fantasizing for the last day or two about living in a nest. It speaks to my high level of dissatisfaction with the horrible apartment I'm subletting this year, with its mushroom-colored walls etc. A nice nest would be just the ticket...

Charlie Williams said...

Good luck with the nest, Jenny. Personally I've always fancied living in a shed. There's a nice solid one at the bottom of the garden (my garden kind of disappears into wilderness) with a stone floor and everything. I'll post a pic of it some time.

If you need any twigs, let me know.

Russel said...

On the bloggy/wesbite thing I find that more random visitors go to CSS through my blog than from any other source (second most is generally Sarah's blog and after that its Google).

On King of the Road - rarely have I been more in anticipation of a book than this one. Oh yes, I needs me a Mangel fix.

Sarah said...

Oh yeah, I want me some Mangel asap.

Websites vs. blogs -- well it still depends if you're up to the task, but I know when the day comes that I'm a *coughcoughcough* published novelist *coughcough* I'll probably redesign Confessions to have whatever extra info is necessary. But otherwise, I agree with Jenny: elegant and low maintenance works for me.

Charlie Williams said...

When you guys say "elegant", I picture flamingoes, cigarette holders, fragile china, and Kristin Scott Thomas.