Monday, November 28, 2005

She's Back

I don't normally write about personal things here on this blog. Far as I'm concerned it's not interesting or relevant or apporpriate. (Or even appropriate.) (But what a great typo.) However, I just have to give a big public CONGRATS to my wife Lisa, who has finally gone and got herself back into the teaching racket, after packing in her job at a London school (2.5 years ago) and moving up here to the sticks.

You would not believe how hard it's been. At every interview it's been "Ah, you were in second place", but reading between the lines I think it's more a case of "No thank you, this is a local school for local teachers. We don't need your sort around here, swanning around with your fancy qualifications and your London ways..." (However, that could just be me and my warped imagination, combined with a natural siege mentality.) But today she got one of them to crack. (I put it down to my little suggestion.)

Believe me, kids need teachers like her. Our own two have had her to themselves for all that time, but some people need to work, too.

Personally I'd rather dig trenches in Siberia than teach kids. But that's just me.


Aldo said...


Congrats to the wife.

I'm on the other end of this, as a building principal I find it difficult to find highly trained teachers that are effective in the classroom. So, great teachers are worth their weight in gold!

Charlie Williams said...

Aldo - thanks. Your congrats have been passed on. Isn't the difficulty in finding teachers in LA down to everyone being an actor/writer/stuntman/porn star?

Jenny D said...

Yes, many congratulations. I find teaching completely addictive, I'm sure your wife has missed it terribly & will find great rewards in the new job.

Charlie Williams said...

Jenny - there are many things I find addictive, teaching not being one of them. But you're right - she has missed it a lot. Thanks.

Tavin said...

Tavin here (Philip's wife and the owner and moderator of the Charlie William's Unoffical Offical Fan club). Glad that Lisa is back doing what she loves. I certainly wouldn't do it AND I have an Education degree! LOL. Anyway, a long time ago you said you weren't going to blog anymore, so taking your word I stopped coming here to read what you were up to. I am back. I like your blog so I am glad YOU are back.


Charlie Williams said...

Tavin - that's a hell of a job you have there, moderating the Charlie William's Unoffical Offical Fan Club. Surely that's too much work for just one person? Those fans are just crazy, and you need to keep a firm hand. I've got a cattle prod lying around somewhere if you want it.

Yeah, sorry I sneaked back to blogging without telling you. But everyone is allowed to retire and make a comeback, aren't they?

Thanks a lot for dropping in. Say hi to Bryan Adams.