Wednesday, June 07, 2006

There are explosive kegs between my legs

I seem to be forever posting here just to knock off the last post, which has become embarrassing. (For the record, I don't wear those trainers with those trousers usually. I was just... ah, never mind.) Anyway, the new issue of BULLET magazine is now out there and raising hell, like a class when the school bell rings. Issue #6 features stories by Ray Banks, Al Guthrie, Chris Morrow, and many others. I officially declare BULLET the best fiction mag in Britain. I strongly urge you, dear lover of sweet lies on the page, to go and buy it (or place an order). The mag has style, the mag has grace, Rita Hayworth gave good... Er, I mean the mag has great stories, and is on a mission. Get on the Bullet Train right now.


Ray said...

It's out now? Wow. I need to get me a copy immediately. Unless I get sent one, which I hope I do, considering I'm in it.

Anonymous said...

Bullet is fantastic, there's always a great selection of writers and they have rad t-shirts too. We have TWO. :)


Post Script:


Thanks for letting people know about the Charlie Williams blog! Love the sound of your books - I'm going to buy one right now.


Matt [Haig]"

Local schmocal, Mr Williams. :D

Charlie Williams said...

Ray - I'm just getting in early with the good word. But it's out, yes.

Ana - Which two T-shirts do you have? (BTW, to me "rad" means a really good rockwalk, or a 360 endo. Showing my age here...)

And ta for showing me how to go about things in this brave new myspace world, & local schmocal etc. Have you read Haig's books? Everyone should do so, right now. I have his new one at home but the wife's nabbed it. I'm gonna nab it right back.

Charlie Williams said...

PS: I really like that word, "schmocal". I googled it and it appears 602 times (nearly all, admittedly, partnered with "local"). But the best was "focal point, schmocal point!"

Anastasia said...

We have the Bullet logo and James Ellroy tees. INYOFACE MUTHAFUCKA!

Just kidding. We've got Esquerita, not Ellroy.

Have a nice day.

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