Friday, September 01, 2006

Hardback at last!

Check out this little Italian stallion:

This is MORTACCI, the Italian edition of DEADFOLK which will be out over there on September 12th (or so I'm told) from Baldini Castoldi Dalai. Believe me - it is a thing of beauty. And it's in hardback! I love the Mustang on the front (which, as the whole world knows, is the American version of the Ford Capri). I just wish I knew what it all means. Or some of it. Or even just the title. Hang on, I'll go look that up... Erm, it says it means "Mortacci". That don't really help. Mind you, if you plugged "Deadfolk" into an English to Italian dictionary you'd probably get "Deadfolk".

Anyway, it's fucking great!

Oh, and Italian readers: welcome to Mangel.

PS: Credit to Massimo Bocchiola for translating the thing.


Steve Kane said...

Cool bananas!

I can't help but imagine that dear Royston's vernacular must have been a bit of a bitch to translate!

Al said...


Anonymous said...

Mama Mia!

Victor Gischler

Ray said...

Fantastic stuff! Man, those Italians really know how to do covers, don't they? Makes it look like one of those great 70s indie movies.

Charlie Williams said...

Thanks guys! Yeah, I can see the 70s movie look. BADLANDS or something. Quite apt.

Jenny D said...

oh, that is so cool--i love the way it looks all spaghetti westernish, the wide open landscapes of southwest England! seriously, a BEAUTIFUL cover.

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