Sunday, September 03, 2006

Ayup Flower

Rest in peace Charlie Williams, former footballer, comedian, and quiz show host who died last night aged 78. As far as I know he got a lot of stick for sending up his colour in his comedy routines, but at least he managed to break down the barriers and get himself up there (footy pitch, stage, and screen). No mean achievement for a black man in England at the time.

People (especially older people) have often said "Ayup flower" to me when they heard my name. At first I thought they were just demented, but then I found out about my famous namesake and his catchphrase. The guy had quite a life!


Jim Denham said...

Here's a shameless plug for a (mainly political, left-wing) blog that I contribute to "Shiraz Socialist". Google it to read a very pro-Charlie obit and attack on his PC critics. By my good self.

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