Monday, November 13, 2006

The Magician

If you can find it, check out Australian film THE MAGICIAN. Looks like it was shot for about 50 quid, but it's one of those ones that remind you that money is nothing without ideas and enthusiasm. My brother described it as CHOPPER meets BLAIR WITCH when he handed it to me, but I can confirm that it's way more subtle than either of those two, without being coy about anything.

Plotwise, a Melbourne hitman discovers that his neighbour is a filmmaker, and gets him to do a doc about him (to be released on the event of his death). MAN BITES DOG also comes to mind, but really it's not so much about the killing, or even the story at all. It's about character, and interplay between characters. The "Royale with Cheese" scene in PULP FICTION comes to mind. If you think the "Royale with Cheese" scene is one of the best things about PF, see this movie.

In the obligatory DVD interview, director/writer/star Scott Ryan admits that the film turned no profit (so far). I hope it does, because his resume looks a bit bare and it's a crying shame.

On an unrelated note, it's also a crying shame that Belgian director Fabrice Du Weltz only has the superb CALVAIRE on his CV. Someone give these guys jobs, now!

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