Thursday, November 16, 2006

Novel wars

After nearly four years of living in the current house, I've finally got some book shelves up and unpacked all my books onto them. I'm sure I lost a box some place but essentially all the old faves are there: the books I've collected over the years, give or take a burglary or two and giving a few away (ie: "lending").

So, for the hell of it (and in the absence of anything more interesting to blog about), here are the guys who score the most books on my shelves (and their scores):

14 Jim Thompson
13 Charles Willeford
8 Raymond Chandler
7 Ken Bruen
7 Stephen King
6 Martin Amis
6 Iain Banks
6 Clive Barker
6 Joe Lansdale
6 Graham Masterton
6 Magnus Mills
6 Jason Starr
5 Ramsey Campbell
5 Tim Lebbon
5 Elmore Leonard
5 Derek Raymond
5 John Williams
5 Charles Dickens
5 Michael Marshall (Smith)

I think that's a pretty strange list. I'm not surprised that Thompson and Willeford are way up there, but I haven't really thought of Chandler in years. And where is Hardy? I think I've read all of his books, and I love them, but where the hell are they? Same for Kingsley Amis and Irvine Welsh. Someone has got those books and I want to know who. Own up, you thieving bastard.

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