Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Beast From the East

Can't be sure, but I think the above is the Russian edition of DEADFOLK. Can any Russian speaker confirm? Looking at this page it does seem like it. (Look at that telltale "2.8i" in the blurb.)

Anyway, if Мертвецы is the Russian DEADFOLK, and I am this Чарли Уильямс guy, then very cool. I'm off to celebrate by purchasing a football club.


Ray said...

Yes. It is. I know this because on your linky page, it says DEADFOLK.

Sheesh, Williams. Do you have a copy yet?

Anonymous said...

Oooooh - nice Charlie!

The title is, literally (I think) CORPSES.

Ройстон Блэйк is Royston Blake and almost pronounced that way.

Хопперз is Hoppers and pronounced...well, Hoppers (well, almost - the X at the beginning is sort of pronounced H.

And Капри is actually pronounced 'Capri'

Obviously, Russian is a fake language that just substitutes п for P and P for R and H for N and X for H and и for I

Донна (pronounced Donna)

Charlie Williams said...

Donna, thanks a million for explaining the Russian language. I am now fluent. Or rather, и am how flueht.

And Ray, no I don't have a copy. I didn't know when this was going to come out, or if it was going to come out or what. And yeah, I saw that "Deadfolk", but I thought it might have been someone else's Deadfolk book. See? Not so stupid.

Donna said...

No doll, you're not fluent because you can't use a h instead of a H. Do keep up.


Charlie Williams said...

пиss off

Donna said...

Ah...I think you will find that one would be...пиcc off.


Donna said...
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Charlie Williams said...

Донна, "пиcc off" looks ruder than "пиss off".