Friday, August 22, 2008


Hey, I've finally made it into the pages of the Internet Movie Database, a resource I've been poring over as a cinema fan ever since it started (the IMDB, not cinema itself). In that world I'm known as Charlie Williams VIII, like a cross between George Hamilton IV and Henry VIII and... erm... someone called Charlie Williams. Obviously this credit is down to my recent efforts working up the screenplay for the short film ARK (currently showing at a film festival near you, as long as you're in Palm Springs). However...

(There's always a however, ain't there?)

You will note that there are two writers down as writers of Ark. Charlie Williams and Charlie Williams. You click on one and it leads to me - CW8 (as they say). But click on the other and you get CW7, born 28 November, 2002.

The guy is not yet six years old, and I have to share a writing credit with him?


Hannah said...

Congrats on imdb!!

Any advice on how to keep sane during the writing process?



Charlie Williams said...

"Any advice on how to keep sane during the writing process?"

Put all your insanity into the writing, leaving you free to go about your normal life as if you were sane.

Tanya Roessler said...
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Anonymous said...

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