Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Beautiful kick in the subconscious

Back in 2006, I raved thus:

And then there's Paul Meloy, whose short stories quite simply remove me from the face of this planet of ours. Meloy lives and writes in the hinterland between dreams and reality**, which is the perfect place to set up a desk and typewriter, if you ask me. Reading one of his stories is like getting a beautiful kick in the subconscious. Of course, I'm teasing you. This is a guy, one of the best writers in the world, who has nothing published in book form. (Most of his stories so far have come out in The Third Alternative (now renamed "Black Static" - Ed.) It's well worth tracking down back issues down just for the Meloy material.) But that will change one day. Oh yes, you will know about him in time. And remember: you read it here first. When you finally discover the awe-inspiring visions of Paul Meloy you can come back here and thank me. And buy my books.

Guess what?

Paul Meloy has a collection out. And I didn't even have to do it myself.

ISLINGTON CROCODILES is published by TTA Press. Buy now and forever pat yourself on the back for getting in on the ground floor.

** Cambridge

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