Monday, September 14, 2009

Friends across the pond

I'm talking about the Atlantic, not that old soupy quagmire in my back garden. Have you American guys ever fancied a read of my new book, Stairway to Hell? Well, turns out you can get it cheap, right here at this Book Depository place. I have no idea how they do it, but it seems you can buy it for US$7.90 - FREE DELIVERY.

What the hell... might as well give it a go, right?

Go on.

While you're at it (or perhaps later, after you've gone on the Stairway), you could find out all about Royston Blake via DEADFOLK, which retails there at US$9.89 - again FREE DELIVERY.

How the hell is that done? Is it some kind of magic?

Is David Blaine involved?

Ours is not to ask, ours is to buy cheap (and read).


Tanya Roessler said...

Hey Mr.Williams,
Just got a confirmation that your book is in the mail!!!
Looking forward to reading it any day now!

Charlie Williams said...

Cool! I hope you dig it, Tanya. Maybe Mr Marignac will be asked to translate it one day. Although I think he prefers writing his own books

Tanya Roessler said...

Funny you should mention it, cuz I remember Thierry translating Fags and Lager right here in Boulder! On his vacation! And he seemed to be enjoying it a great deal and I used to really get on his nerves by bugging him to stop working so hard and enjoy his vacation, so he finally told me: "T, you should read this book. It's just great and I think you will like it". Well, the rest is history..

Charlie Williams said...

Fags and Lager translated in Boulder by a Frenchman... who'd have thought. Cheers Tanya!

Anonymous said...

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