Friday, March 19, 2010

"If he dies, he dies"

I'm pleased to say Royston Blake's world tour continues with a Russian version of FAGS AND LAGER. I can't get enough of these Russian covers. I'm getting thirsty just looking at it. Goes nicely alongside it's sister.

In other news, the FREE THE MANGEL ONE Facebook campaign marches on. Please check it out and consider joining if you favour David against Goliath. Or Royston Blake against the powers that be.


Tanya said...

Dear Charlie,
It's so great to see your masterpiece
in Russian (my native language)!
Great cover .I am tempted to read it again, this time in Russian, just in case I missed something in English!
Best of luck with it

Charlie Williams said...

My masterpiece? Wow... that makes me sound like Mozart. Of course, if it was Mozart it would be Zigaretten und Lagerbier.

In your comments here I would never have guessed English wasn't you native language. If you do ever read it in Russian, I'd love to know how it comes across.

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