Wednesday, May 12, 2010

For some reason

...Stairway to Hell is available on, even though it's not officially released over there until June 1st. Anyway, if you are even mildly intrigued to know how a man can be the reincarnation of David Bowie, sort of, even though Mr Bowie is still alive...please pick up this book. The more copies get sold stateside, the better chance I have of getting a proper American edition of my books one of these days. And the better chance of me jetting over there for a promo tour and being greeted by scenes not witnessed since the Beatles touched down at JFK. OK, I'm getting carried away by the rock 'n roll/fame thing, but that's what the book's about. That and urine. In a good way.

BTW, the page includes a kindle version. So if you're a techno-savvy reader, check the hell out of that thing.


Paul D. Brazill said...

Isn't it weird that the septics, and the French, 'get' you?

Charlie Williams said...

It's weird that anyone gets me

Anonymous said...

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