Monday, March 07, 2011

California and stuff

California by Ray Banks is my kind of noir. Small towns, short fuses and hopelessly unrealistic dreams. Banks is a master of character and you should check out this short sharp shooter of a novella, not least because the hero is called Shug. Also because one of the other characters has a "gaming chair"

On a Crime Express tip, a reminder that I will be in Matlock on Saturday 12th March as part of the Derbyshire Readers' Day, in a panel alongside Stephen Booth and Danuta Reah. They will be talking about CLAWS and NOT SAFE respectively and I will be going on about GRAVEN IMAGE. All simultaneously. It's going to be great! Come if you can.


Karin said...

I just got Saturday's Child. Eventually I may catch up.

Charlie Williams said...

He's pumped out a lot since then, so to speak. Also the Big Blind before it is one of the great Manchester croupier novels.