Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Give it away y'all

The prize draw for DEADFOLK has been closed and five lucky winners have a copy winging its way across the pond towards them. That's right - I made it open to readers in US, Can and UK but Goodreads selects the winners, and they all came up in the colonies. Interestingly, four were Canada and only one US, perhaps reflecting the weighting of the entrants. A big cheer for Canada - you're either getting behind Royston Blake big time or you really, really like getting stuff without paying. Either way is cool.

1032 people entered to win a copy of Deadfolk, so I'm putting up a copy of GRAVEN IMAGE too. If I can get as many people aware of that book, that's a good return. And it's lighter than Deadfolk, so hopefully I won't be bankrupted when someone from North America inevitably wins.

(UK people, don't let it happen! You're 5-0 down at the moment but you can pull one back. all you have to do is enter.)

This one runs all through April, so if you're not planning on buying a copy of Graven Image, you might as well enter. The winner gets to read the story of brothel bouncer Leon, who takes you, as the Nerd of Noir put it, "on a journey through both the dark alleys of his hometown and those of his diseased brain. Granted, Leon’s gonna give you a laugh now and then, but mostly he’s just making sure this intense crazy train never slows for a fucking second lest he get a horrifying moment to reflect"

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