Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Blakey on Tour - aside #5

8 things about "Blakey on Tour", the ongoing story on my blog:

  1. Sorry I have not been updating it

  2. I am still writing it

  3. In fact I am writing it so much that it is going to be another novel (but with a different title)

  4. I have had to go back and put things in, which is why I can't do it on the blog any more

  5. Also some of the material doesn't feel right on my blog, if you get my drift

  6. A huge thanks to anyone who read it up to this point. The fact that people were following it is what got it going. I owe you one. Writing a chapter and then immediately posting it up and seeing hits on it was a strange and exhilerating thing

  7. If this book never sees light of day, I'll try to track down every last person who followed it and get the manuscript to them, should they wish to read it

  8. Royston Blake lives on!

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