Tuesday, July 26, 2011

One Dead Hen

The new Royston Blake book, ONE DEAD HEN, comes out on August 9th. I have set up a Facebook page to get things going, so if you are a fan of Royston Blake (or just want to support an author) and you are on Facebook, please "like" it. I will be presenting a random "liker" of the page with a free ARC of the book EVERY DAY between now and the 9th. Am I making it worth your while or what? So get liking. And then get reading.


Donna said...

Grrrrrrr - it says Page Not Found. And I so wants me an ARC, given that I have this weird crush on Royston.

Charlie Williams said...

Soz about that Donna. Fixed now? That's a scary growl you have there :-O