Tuesday, January 25, 2005

New Blog Manifesto

With this new blog comes hope, and a new sense of freedom. Gone are the shackles of my old site, the restrictions that held me back and made my life hell. Now I will be able to...

  • post any time I like
  • get more drive-by visitors (via the "next blog" button)
  • embrace the brave new blogging world
  • worry about being seen to jump the tired old blogging bandwagon
  • waste more time
  • hinder my chances of completing my novel-in-progress
  • worry about blog appearance
  • tinker with blog appearance
  • worry about what to post about
  • end up posting nothing
  • worry about posting nothing
  • post about worrying about posting nothing
  • worry about posting about worrying about posting nothing
  • drink more alcohol
  • start smoking again
  • post lists that are so long I don't even remember what they're about
  • remember what they're about
  • realise that they never really warranted a list in the first place
  • drop acid, just to have something interesting to post about
  • worry about how my life is spiralling out of control
  • post while tripping on acid
  • enjoy the experience
  • trip and post again, remembering how cool it was
  • not enjoy it this time (bad trip)
  • worry about actually posting myself bodily onto the internet (during bad trip)
  • post myself bodily onto the internet
  • finally come down off my trip, only to realise that I now exist only in binary form
  • worry about that
  • revel in my new binary form
  • get run over by a drive-by visitor (via the "next blog" button)


Sarah said...

Best. Manifesto. Ever!!

Jenny D said...

Yes, I love it!

I have for some reason been in the absolute GRIP of a "why not just start smoking again--god, i want a cigarette RIGHT NOW" thing for the last 24 hours... don't know what's up with that. i hadn't thought of blogging as an excuse to un-quit smoking--good one...

Ray said...

All hail the new blog! Finally, somewhere else I can leave inane comments.

Aldo said...

Excellent. 'Bout time you caught on to the hip world. Looking forward to more free form thoughts.

Jim Winter said...

Nice list. It's good to have goals. It's good you now have a direction.

Let me know when you've figured out what it is.

Anonymous said...

this rivals the Banks/Gishler sites as the new avant garde.....and as soon as I figure out what avant garde means.......I'm going to post more.....You are definitely post modern which in our house means, we name drop you as in ......Charlie willaims said.....really impresses the hell out of the neighbours.....

Charlie Williams said...


Your neighbours will probably think you're namedropping this guy:


Which is probably a good thing.

Other commenters - thanks. I don't mean to single out Ken for special attention, but come on - how often do you see a post from KB, the Scarlet Pimpernel of the web? We know he's out there somewhere, but we can't see him...

Sarah said...

Until you get Grace posting here, Charlie, you're not nearly as cool.

Charlie Williams said...

Come on, Sarah - I can't expect a Grace post on my first blog ever (my guest gig at your place aside). I've got to have something to aspire to...

Anonymous said...

You are a hunk......I saw your snap.......and so I like, dumped my boyfriend........are you free for Mc Donalds this saturday in galway, I'll have The big Mac, Ice Cream, Coke with vanilla and we could see The Incredibles after......Dad says to find your own digs.....whar are digs?
Who is tom waits.....I think I need to know
Grace Kennedy B.

Charlie Williams said...

Hey - the double Bruen whammy!

Er, Grace... You had romance. Did you break it by chance, over me? If it's so I'd like for you to know
that I'm not worth it, you see. For I'm the type of boy who is always on the roam, mm, wherever I lay my hat - that's my home, mm, that's my home.

You know........ You've inherited a certain typing style........... from your dad....... Amazing that........