Monday, January 31, 2005

Sometimes you eat the bar...

Since I've set up this blog I've been ill (flu or something). Actually it all started with that "Bastards" post back there, so there was a slight delay. Anyway, I'm still laid up.

So I've got some ideas for one or two things to blog about here, but I just don't feel up to them. Tricky subjects, you could say, requiring a lean, keen, and responsive mind. Mine is fat, lazy, and sluggish. Like this:

No writing done either. I'm cruising into the last couple of chapters and then this strikes, and I have to stop. Which is a shame, in a way. But do you know what?

Fuck it.

I'm not going to argue with a shitstorm. If a shitstorm strikes, it strikes. Que sera sera. Who knows - maybe I was going off in the wrong direction anyway (wouldn't be the first time - I had to backtrack 20k on the previous novel when I finally saw the light), and when I crank it up again in a day or two (I hope), I'll be able to see the thing a bit better.

Therein lies my attitude to writing, FWIW. I don't write every day, and I never will. And I'm not going to worry about not writing for a couple of weeks. I have to hear the voices. If they're not there, nor am I. But if they are, and they're up for it, so am I. Try and keep me away.

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