Friday, April 15, 2005

Mother - there is no other

You need to check this out. There are some people who just know what's important, and how to send out a message to the world in a compelling way. Mr T is one of those people, and you need to listen to him. And watch, too - his dance moves carry just as much weight as the words. And don't forget the grey camouflage shorts - the patterns swirl around as he moves, creating new meanings.

And don't forget the three mothers on backing vocals. If you look closely, you'll see it's actually (left to right) Margaret Hamilton, Traci Lords, and Chaka Khan.

'M' is for the moan and the miserable groan
From the pain that she felt when I was boan
'O' is for the oven with the burning heat
When she stood making sure I had something to eat

(Thanks to Ray for his supernatural ability to unearth the web's most important documents. Next Hoff joke I get, it's yours.)

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Sarah said...

My eyes. They bleed!