Wednesday, August 31, 2005


Some of the regular readers of this blog will be in Chicago right now, hanging out at BoucherCon (the world's biggest crime writing convention). All I can say is: what a bunch of bastards*. I'd have been there myself under better circumstances but, like the Will Oldham gig, it weren't to be. Noir, noir noir. I would say "Hey, definitely next year!" but I already said that last year, and I have precious little credibility left in the "I'm going to B'Con" stakes.

Mind you, there is one consolation... I WILL be at next year's Harrogate Crime Writing Festival (which should be easier to get to).

Other news... Well, not much. I hear talk of a cover image for the upcoming KING OF THE ROAD, so I should be able to show you that soon. Oh, and I had a dream last night involving Madonna. (She's often hanging around my dreams. Is it the same for everyone? Or just a personal quirk of mine that can be traced to my method of birth? Jung, or Freud?) Other than that, I'm just keeping on keeping on.

Oh, and a question for you, oh techno-savvy reader of this blog: Is there something wrong with the MP3 I posted the other day? Some punters can play it, others cannot. Pourquoi?

* Bastards or no, I hope you all have a top time. No, I know you will.


Ray said...

Well, as meagre consolation for not coming with, you'll be glad to know that myself and Sunshine G pimped you on our panel. A lot.

Charlie Williams said...

Thanks a lot, ray of sunshine... er, I mean Ray AND Sunshine. You guys are just pimps extraordinaire. I'm picturing Harvey Keitel in Taxi Driver, and someone looking like Huggy Bear, barking about all kind of tricks I can do.