Monday, August 08, 2005

Keyword Kraziness

In the absence of anything better to offer you, here are some recent keyword searches that been leading punters to

  1. web desine
  2. smoking a fag
  3. hillman imp
  4. sandra mangel
  5. fat birds fucking
  6. fucking donkeys
  7. fucking motors
  8. pigg fuck
  9. hoy fucking
  10. would you like some chat up
  11. respect elders and betters
  12. naked bird
  13. steven dowie
  14. see through dress
  15. what does tarting it up mean?
  16. fuck the informer
I'm a bit worried about that number 7. Couldn't you harm yourself doing that? And how does the motor signal her consent? Could be a need for legislation there... Also note numbers 5 and 12, which suggest growing interest from the ornothological fraternity.


Jenny D said...

This is wholly unrelated, but I saw it and thought of you!

Charlie Williams said...

The prosciutto and melon must have been way overpriced, then. The Hoff don't flap for no reason.

Most of that article went over my head, but I liked it. Makes your town seem like a little village.