Tuesday, October 04, 2005

It's Goodnight From Him

Ronnie Barker is dead. It's a long time since The Two Ronnies, Porridge, Open All Hours, and (don't forget) Going Straight, but all of them are right up there in the pantheon of great British comedy shows. I grew up watching him on the box, and he probably defines comedy for me better than anyone. A lot of people look at that old school style of enduring characters with gags and one-liners and call it obvious, crude, simplistic, and (*gasp*) un-PC. I say bring it on!

Interestingly, he never seemed to work alone in the high profile shows. There was always a sidekick to set him off - Ronnie Corbett, Richard Beckinsale, and David Jason. But despite the quality of those three he was never even close to being upstaged, nor would he (I'll bet my house) have dreamed of upstaging them.


Gav's Studio said...

Don't forget the other show, was it Clarence? I always loved the gentle humour. He's got his wish his is going to be remembered as one of the funniest men that this country has produced.

Ray said...

A comedy? About being in prison? It'll never work. And it did because of Barker. Also worth noting that PORRIDGE was one of the few 70s sitcoms made into a decent movie.

Now, altogether...

"Nah, handles for forks..."

Steve Kane said...

Very sad indeed. He was a great talent, a lovely bloke, both a clever comedian and fine serious actor.

And, damnit Ray, you beat me to quoting that "Four candles? Fork 'andles" gag.