Wednesday, October 12, 2005


A Mr D. Mangel writes in from cyberspace (I swear this is real):

Hey whats up I was Just surfin the werb and I saw you were useing my name on your site and I was wondering if I could recive some compensation money, for all my pane a sophring.

To this end, I am launching the Royston Blake Pane a Sophring Fund, to provide aid to poor people like D. Mangel who have been damaged by Please donate freely. (UK taxpayer? Just giving will add an automatic 28% bonus to your donation at no cost to you.)

On a related note, I will be suing the Williams Formula 1 Team for several millions, for all my pane a sophring. Alternatively I will accept a driver spot, as long as I get to drive a Ford Capri. (I'm not playing second string to Mark Webber, though.)


Steve Kane said...

So, how's the closing-down-the-blog thing working out for you, Charlie?

Russel said...

Is the werb faster than the web, I wonder?

Charlie Williams said...

Steve - I'm slowly winding down. You can't rush these things. Shutting down this blog will cause a huge vacuum on the web, so I have to do it gradually.

Russel - "werb", as everyone knows, stands for Washington Editorial Review Board. They're not fast, I hear.