Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Turn Left at Greenland... and up a bit

I've got something on my mind today. And it's bothering me. Why are things and people from Canada called "Canadian"? Why are they not just called "Canadan"? Cuba has Cuban; Bermuda has Bermudan; America has American, etc... So why the hell do the people of the red maple leaf insist on inserting that "i" in there?

Is it just to throw people? Surely not - they have always struck me as such a reasonable people. Is it all down to a mistake? Was it a historical admin cock-up, and by the time anyone noticed (opening up the new office stationary) it was too late?

It was, wasn't it?

Look, it's NOT too late. If you just admit it to the world, we can all work together to welcome the word "Canadan" into our languages. It sounds a bit odd right now, but we'll all get used to it in time. Or we could just call your country "Canadia". Up to you.

Let me know.


Al said...

I'm impressed Canada has the balls to invoke the EVA (Extra Adjectival Vowel) rule, a concept so terrifying to most countries, they rarely talk about it (apart from Australa and Malaysa, who haven't quite grasped the 'adjective' part of the rule. And lets not even mention Wales).

Anonymous said...

Hey, why not mention Barbadians? But city residents are even more perverse. Let's examine the transformational processes of Glaswegians, Aberdonians and Liverpudlians--adjectivally speaking.

BTW, Salty Dave is studying tattooing. Could be promising.

--Karin the Canadian

Sarah said...

Probably because 'Canadan' sounds way too much like 'Catalan' and we don't want to be like those Spaniards, don't you know.

Also 'Canadian' has as many syllables as 'American' so it's a sign of our inferiority complex, yet again.

In other words, no freakin' clue.

Charlie Williams said...

"BTW, Salty Dave is studying tattooing. Could be promising."

I want the Lucky Spidermonkey right across my back.

Liverpudlian, Macunian... you're right. But, for some reason, the "i" in Canada really disturbs me. I think it's because it's such a big country, so the psychic effects on those sensitive to the letter "i" are much more serious.

Al - I never really considered EVA (other than just looking at those bra ads).

Sarah - Catalan is wrong as well. Should be Catalonian.

Steve Kane said...

'Canadan' just doesn't sound right. How about 'Canadanese'?

Kent Morgan said...

I live in Canada so I'm a Canadian. I live in the province of Manitoba so I'm a Manitoban. I live in the city of Winnipeg so I'm a Winnipegger. I went to school in the town of The Pas (also called Le Pas) so I was a Pawian. Does that help clarify anything?

One of these days I'll get around to reading my copy of Deadfolk, which I bought last year when I was a Londoner for a few days.

Charlie Williams said...

"Does that help clarify anything?"

No, but thanks for buying Deadfolk.