Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Hi. This is The Hoff, and my pet eagle, guest-blogging for Charlie Williams. As you all know, today is the day. KING OF THE ROAD hits the streets. In Malibu, everyone knows that I'm king of the road, but in Mangel it's Royston Blake, and this final book in the Mangel trilogy picks up the story as he leaves mental hospital. We all get a bit mentally fragile sometimes, so let's try not to judge Royston too much. Actually that's not true - YOU all get mentally fragile sometimes, but the Hoff does not. The Hoff is different. Just look at my career... Night Rider - no one thought I'd work again after that came off the air. Baywatch - again, I single handedly resurrected myself as an icon for the new millenium in the light of that show's demise. Communism - everyone knows how I dismantled that unjust regime in East Germany and imposed Western Democracy, Hoff-style.

Anyway, KING OF THE ROAD is launched today. Here's a picture I took of Ottakar's in Worcester, a great book store which will be hosting the "launch" this thursday. I'll try to make it but I can't promise anything. The Hoff promises nothing.

Also listen out for Charlie on the airwaves later today, when he undergoes a top celebrity interview at 2:30 pm on BBC Hereford & Worcester - a great local radio station. But come on, are you really going to go to all that trouble? Why not just kick back and relax with this great video of my classic hit HOOKED ON A FEELING?


Duane Swierczynski said...

The Hoff needs help, but Charlie Williams rules. Congrats on the release of KING OF THE ROAD, my man. Mr. Balboa would be proud.

Charlie Williams said...

Duane, thanks for the congrats. The Hoff, I dunno. You ask him for a favour and it turns into the Hoff show. Great video though.

Ray said...

Congrats, Charlie (and thanks for the nod in the acknowledgements - I hadn't noticed that before, much appreciated). As for the Hoff video, I must've seen it a million times in a millions places, and yet I still click on the link, knowing full well what's in store.

Why? Because it's possibly the greatest music video of all time. As well as being ALL the music videos in the world.

Charlie Williams said...

Well excuse me for posting a tired, hackneyed old link. But you can't blame all those millions of people for wanting to share the magic.

Ta for the congrats!

Steve Kane said...

That "Hooked On A Feeling" is quite possibly the most disturbing thing I have ever witnessed and will leave me traumatised for the rest of my days.