Tuesday, March 28, 2006

"Catch me if you can, cos I'm an England Man"

I don't understand. OK, I understand the concept of the World Cup Song, which gets the nation singing along and supporting the team. But why choose the shittest band on the entire planet to sing it? I mean, does anyone actually NOT hate Embrace? Would anyone NOT like to destroy them by dropping a huge boulder on top of them while they're "performing"? Or maybe we could build an enormous wicker man, pop them inside (bound and gagged) with some chickens and a couple of sheep, and sacrifice them to Tom Waits?

Why can't we just have "This Time (We'll Get It Right)" again? Or we could steal "I Have A Dream" off Scotland? It's not as if they need it.

In other news, I've found some photographs from Left Coast Crime in Bristol.


Ray said...

I hear your pain, Williams. But then when it comes to national sporting events I'm in the unenviable position of being against England in every conceivable way. It's therefore only fitting that they should have Embrace do the song. What I'm hoping for is that there peculiar brand of rock desensitises the England team to utter and potentially fatal lethargy so we don't have to put up with the tabloids making every match an exercise in "who we beat in the Second World War".

Having said that, after they're done, Wicker justice awaits. "Oh, the earth died screaming, as I lay dreeeeeeaming..."

Charlie Williams said...

That's just the response I'd expect from a Scot. You wait till we get to the semis - you'll be BEGGING for us to win, you little Manchester/Newcastle novelist, you.

Given that it's in Germany, I predict that a certain Kaiser Chiefs song might be apt.

Anonymous said...

Which one's you?--Karin

Charlie Williams said...

The DJ.

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