Monday, March 06, 2006


KING OF THE ROAD got a great review in Saturday's Guardian. Made my weekend, along with Joe Calzaghe's deconstruction of Jeff Lacy (see below). Also been forwarded some other reviews, such as this one from the Dublin Evening Herald: "Blackly funny and bone-jarringly violent... Williams' latest offering comes across like a heady literary mix between Straw Dogs and Pulp Fiction". You know what? I've never seen Straw Dogs. Been meaning to for years. Wasn't it banned? The Big Issue said: "Even standing on its own this is a sharp and bitingly funny novel that will go down well with fans of the TV show Shameless". I don't know about Shameless, but I'm very glad someone thinks the book can stand on it's own, despite being part of a trilogy. That's what I wanted. Other reviews can be found here. Talking of which, the old website is looking a bit ropey at the minute, with missing files and stuff. Hopefully I'll get it fixed soon.


Iain Rowan said...

Good review! The one from Marcel Berlin in the Times was very good, too. Nice one.

And I'm impressed by you having a cheeky neck, that's not easy you know.

Charlie Williams said...

Hey Iain, I just did a google search for "cheeky neck", to find out more about this rare phenomenon. Only 37 results came back! That shows you just how rare it is. Some of the sites were a bit dodgy, but guess who's there at number one? That's right - I've got the cheekiest neck WORLDWIDE.

roger said...

Congratulations on your cheeky neck, Charlie. I laughed out loud on the bus tonight. I was reading the bit where Royston won't let that guy into the Wossname Centre, then he dislocates the feller's arm, in the process knocking an OAP off his bike - and then tries to rectify the damage. It were fucking brilliant. Christ, I'm even beginning to sound like Royston Blake now.