Friday, April 06, 2007


Just to clarify, they are not making a film of any of my books right now, starring Gerard Depardieu or Uma Thurman or anyone else. That pic below, I just thought it looked like Blakey. You know what I mean? No?

Never mind.

He'd never be able to handle the accent anyway. But Uma Thurman, she'd be alright as Rache. Ah, shut up! There's no movie!


Hard Man said...

That's a shame, Charlie. You must be really disappointed. I just heard that Scorcese wasn't making a movie of HARD MAN and that Goldie Hawn had turned down the role of Pearce. On the same fucking day! I know just how you feel. Sucks, doesnt it? -- Al

Charlie Williams said...

That's a real kick in the pants, Al. I heard you wrote the Pearce character with Hawn in mind, no? Never mind - leave it a few years and Kiera Knightly will be old enough.